White Label - Pre-Rolled Joints

While cannabis has been smoked for thousands of years, the use of using paper to roll joints traces back to the jazz scene.  What started as a little herb mixed into a rolled cigarette, joints became a representation of a community who felt that cannabis was a positive, social medicine.  Since the Medicinal and eventual Recreational legalization of cannabis in California, the pre-roll sector has proven quite successful for many cannabis businesses.

Pre-rolled Joints, also known as prerolls, are the quickest way for an end-user to start smoking.  While the cone pre-roll has remained the most common type over the years, new trends have started to hit the industry.  Multiple paper types, shapes, and sizes are currently available.  Straight pre-rolls are becoming popular, especially when made from unique materials like palm leaves.  The latest trend is mini prerolls, known as Dog Walkers, designed for a quick personal puff.  

Prerolls require a specific grind and packing of cannabis to function well.  Poor quality prerolls are subject to inconsistent hits and uneven burning.  The greatest sin is over-ground herb or loose packing leading to a preroll dumping out its contents once lit.   At OEC, we take the design and assembly of prerolls quite seriously, as the aforementioned issues can be detrimental to a brand's reputation.

OEC's white labeling department is conducting Research & Development on our processes at this time. This section will be updated when we start providing this service to the public.