White Label - Concentrates

Concentrates, traditionally know as Hash (Hashish), are the result of processing fresh or dried cannabis flower in a way that seperates cannabinoids & terpenes from fats, lipids and plant matter.  Concentrates have been made for thousands of years! Even the Hookah traces its origins to being designed for hash use long before tobacco was popularized.  Hash can be mixed with flower in a joint, sprinked over a bowl of herb, and is a cleaner input for edibles, topicals and infusions.  Shortly after the turn of the millenium, a new form of hash consumption hit the scene, known as dabbing.

Dabbing was invented by members of the Functional Glass Art scene that has blossomed in American since the early 90's.  An element known as a nail (or these days, a banger) is attached to a glass bubbler and heated with a hand torch.  When the nail cools to the proper temperature, a drop of concentrate is applied to the surface.  Instead of burning, the oil vaporizes, providing much more flavor and potent effects than if it is burned.  Dabbing is now regarded as the fastest growing sector in the industry, and is the preferred method of consumption for some of the OEC team.

Hydrocarbon concentrates, IE concentrates extracted using solvents like butane, have dominated the market for many years.  However, more recent breakthroughs in solventless extraction have led to a swift increase in the popularity of Water Hashes and Rosins, an area of OEC's expertise. Click on the links below to see the different type of concentrates we make!