White Label - Hemp Blunts

Hemp blunts are an important breakthrough in the cannabis community.  While the tobacco-leaf blunt is a pillar of cannabis culture in America and especially California, the addictive chemistry and detrimental effects of tobacco consumption have cast a long shadow on its reputation.  Crafting blunts from hemp, the kindred sister of cannabis, is an important evolution of the cannabis blunt or cigar. 

Hemp contains no nicotine and much lower concentrations of Polonium, the isotope that causes tobacco to exhaust radioactive particles.  Quite the opposite, as hemp is instead rich in CBD's, calming the mind as opposed to nicotine stimulating effects.  Hemp Blunt wraps and cones are an exploding industry in the smoke shop scene, and demand for hemp blunts prerolls in the cannabis industry are as well.

Some OEC founders have been rolling blunts for 30 years, and we know the consistency of herb as well as the tightness of pack to create that familiar hit that blunt enthusiasts are accustomed to.  We work with multiple hemp blunt manufacturers to provide an array of hemp blunts, as well as hemp cigars!

OEC's white labeling department is conducting Research & Development on our processes at this time. This section will be updated when we start providing this service to the public.