White Label - Consumables

Consumables have always been a cornerstone of cannabis culture.  From brownies to tinctures, early kitchen concoctions made way for an entire industry of culinary conceptions.  Certain cannabinoids have strong benefits when ingested, providing long-lasting benefits with pain, sleep, anxiety, appetite and more!

At an industrial level, consumable products require accurate recipe formulation, multi-stage testing, and stringent manufacturing practices to create a consistent product in terms of quality, potency and health safety.

As a shared-use manufacturing kitchen, OEC's operators and incubates will create a diverse variety of consumable cannabis products.  While we are creating our own formulations to provide white labeling services for, we also are ready to adapt your brands proven formulas! 

OEC's white labeling department is conducting Research & Development on our processes at this time. This section will be updated when we start providing this service to the public.