White Label - Hash Rosin

The cannabis communities enthusiasm for dabbing led to experimenting with water hash to make it more dissolvable and flavorful when applied to a nail.  This curiosity led to the discovery that the right amount of heat and pressure can squeeze oil not only from cannabis flower, but from water hash itself!  Flower Rosin had many (many) setbacks, but Hash Rosin became a discovery of stellar proportions. 

The process of squishing Water Hash into Hash Rosin requires a solid understanding of staging, pressure and heat control.  The resulting product can be phenomenal, extracting fine terpenes, resin heads and cannabinoids from the remaining chlorophylls, fats, lipids and other plant material still present in whole plant water hash.

Fresh Pressed Hash Rosin is the official title of the initially extracted product, and the second step of our solventless white labeling services. Its consistency ranges from sap to shatter. This product must be stored in a refrigerator to preserve its excellent terpene profile and potency.  However, this form degrades in warm environments, losing both quickly.

This is why Cold-Cured Hash Rosin, a result of agitating and curing fresh rosin in a controlled environment, is the most popular solventless concentrate today. Cold-cured rosins stay stable at room temperature, yet are still rich in flavor and potency. 

OEC's white labeling department is conducting Research & Development on our processes at this time. This section will be updated when we start providing this service to the public.