White Label - Pre-Ground

People grind there cannabis for everything these days!  Joints, blunts, cannabutter.  Many glass enthusiast prefer to grind their herb before packing it in their bong, blasting them off with dense rips from even burning.  Pre-Ground cannabis saves the end-user the need of a grinder, as well as saves them a ton of money!

Not all buds are equal, and some turn out larfy or end up being broken during harvest.  Shake and budlets all contain great smokeable material, as long as they are separated from stems and leaves.  Instead of offering a mismatched salad of these leftovers, a nice even grind allows companies to create the cannabis equivalent of a pouch of rolling tobacco.  

Preground herb is the lowest-cost cannabis available in dispensaries, and a godsend for those who have been riding the waves of covid and inflation these past years. At OEC, we using commercial grinders and years of experience with grinding herbs to craft a quality preground product for your cannabis brand!

OEC's white labeling department is conducting Research & Development on our processes at this time. This section will be updated when we start providing this service to the public.